About Weekender Caps at Hats for Healing

At Hats for Healing, we are very particular about our product quality and fair pricing policy. We offer a collection of headbands and specially designed caps for youth and children, aside from other older age groups. We also have beautiful designs of weekender hats for women. Most of these designs comprise floral or bow-like fabric patches stitched onto one side of the cap. This adds elegance, an element of fun, and the right vibe when going for a casual outing on weekends. They are carefully handcrafted in Portland, Oregon with attention to detail so these beautifully designed weekender hats can be passed down through the generations.

Features of Weekender Cap

You will love these caps for various reasons. Here are some features of our weekender caps collection.

  • Our weekender midweight hats are made from luxurious temperature regulating tencel, organic cotton, and a bit of spandex. They have just the right amount of stretch that can fit any head size. This material is soft and helps regulate temperature as well.
  • Our youth caps are made from organic stretch cotton and are available in youthful, vibrant hues of green, yellow, hot pink, lavender, and more.
  • All our caps set the right tone and a cheerful weekend vibe right in you. You would love our colors and especially the floral patterns stitched onto the sides of these hats.
  • Our cozy stretch fleece weekender caps come in bold as well as subtle colors ranging from bright orange and violet to light pink. All of them have contrasting floral patterns.
  • We have a specially designed collection for women, which they can wear during a sporting or hiking activity as well as casual outings. These are made from either organic cotton or recycled polyester stretch fleece both of which are designed for all sizes.
  • We also offer caps and headbands for children in the age group of 1 to 6 years.

If you wish to buy yourself or gift someone a weekender hat, you are in the right place. You can also check our collection of headbands as well as weekender caps for women and children. With such a huge variety made from good quality materials, you would surely find caps that suits your style, color scheme, and vibe at Hats for Healing.

Highlights of Weekender Cap

  • Polyester caps made from 100% recycled (RPET) fleece and recycled pop-bottle details
  • Organic 90% cotton and 10% spandex used for cotton caps
  • Made from eco-conscious materials
  • Made in the USA
  • One size fits most and comfortable stretch range