Youth Hat Details

Our youth flex-fit hats come in a range of designs and colors. Every material we use contributes to our overall mission of creating beautiful on-trend hats that are also good for the environment. No matter which hat you're buying, you can rest assured it's a good option made from either organic cotton and spandex or 100% recycled fleece.

Our youth beanies are even lovingly knitted right here in the United States!

Help your little one to get off on the right foot environmentally with an infant sprout hat that will help keep them warm, and includes an adorable sprout detail made from recycled water bottles. We’ve also chosen bright colors and stylish designs that are sure to excite your kids and make it a lot easier to convince them to put on a hat. Each style comes in a range of color options so you and your kiddo can choose the perfect style, the perfect color. Plus, the soft materials in each hat help ensure a comfortable fit! Our stretchy designs provide a good fit like a youth-fitted cap, but without having to mess with buckles or drawstrings to change the fit.

Design and Style Features of Youth Hats

Our cotton jersey Youth Weekender hat is a stylish, comfortable option. With designs and colors suitable for kids of all genders, these comfortable stretch designs also offer a small brim to turn it into a youth sun hat. Suitable for kids from ages 1-6. Not to mention that you can sell this stylish cap to your kid as a youth baseball cap, or a youth trucker hat, depending on their interests.

Looking for a headband to help keep your toddler’s hair contained on their next adventure? Our flower headbands are perfect for adding a little style, keeping your kids warm, and helping prevent the worst tangles in their hair without getting in the way of playtime. Each design is child-tested and approved. These looks aren’t just practical, they’re beautiful, with exciting designs and colors for all kids.

Need something a bit more on the cool side? Our youth beanie hat is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Comfort and Fit of Youth Caps

These hats are designed to be as comfortable as possible. After all, most kids aren’t going to put up with a hat that’s pinching their scalp or constantly falling off their heads. Fitting is simple with these stretchy caps. Just put the hat on and go. But, if you do need to stretch the material a little, especially as your little one stops being quite so little, you can get some extra give just by stretching the fabric in your hands. The spandex should relax naturally over time but stretching will help it along. Need even more room? Wet the fabric slightly and stretch it out over a round surface until it dries. Don’t have a hat form you can use? The bottom of a clean round plant pot or a small mixing bowl should do the trick.

Durability and Care Instructions

Since all our youth hats are made from cotton fabric or recycled fleece they shouldn’t need much extra care or attention. Brimless caps can be tossed in with the laundry any time they need cleaning, while a brimmed cap can be washed, or spot cleaned by hand and left to dry on its own. But, the best part of these youth hats is the durable construction. They’ll survive most daily wear and tear without a problem or needing any special attention.

Whether you’re looking for a youth bucket hat or a simple but beautiful youth headband, we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait, see the difference a warm, comfortable, kid-approved hat can make for yourself!